The art project springhouse, residency, exhibition and festival, will take place in Dresden for the fourth time. Over the last three years springhouse has explored the interchange and the tensions between private and public spaces. So far all springhouse editions have taken place in different private homes. Participating artists had been invited to transform those private houses into a temporary space for the arts by means of contemporary artistic interventions. Artists of all branches (painting, sculpture, performing arts, music etc.) had been given the chance to relate to an intimate space and to explore the interchange between the arts and daily life by means of their works and actions. At the end of each one-week lasting springhouse project, the private home and the art works, which had been created there, were temporarily handed over to the public and the house was open for visitors.

By expanding frame and context of the last three residencies springhouse will take place 2014 in an office building for the first time focussing on WORK, on the design and function of spaces for work and industrial production. Holding on to its tradition springhouse will host all artists participating in the project in the building Tannenstrasse 2 in Dresden where they will live and work. Thereby the original function of the office building for the given time will be transformed into a space for living and presenting art. Being confronted with the lobby and the spaces for work and business the artists will explore relationships between art, living space and the realms of business and industrial work. Thereby they will turn the house into a space to live and into a show room for contemporary art. Making use of the different offices the artist will dive into the interrelatedness of the arts, space for living and space for working. The pieces of art and the performances will initiate a dialogue with the offices of the professionals, their clients, the history and the atmosphere of the building. The artists will reflect on the material, on functions and the history of the building.

springhouse aims to blur the boundaries between production of art and usual work and living processes. The field of tension between working, living and presenting art will open new perspectives onto the given structures, spaces, functions and material qualities of the building. It is a project initiated and curated by Anna Bründl and Sven Christian Schuch.