Location 14

In its fourth edition, springhouse 2014 will take place in Tannenstr. 2, a central office building on the north edge of Alaunpark. The western wing of the building was contructed in the 1980ies, the eastern wing was subsequently finished after the reunification in 1990. During GDR times, the building functioned as a centre for industrial architecture planning. Today the building is rented out to different users, amongst them again many architects and engineers.

Tannenstraße 2 was one of the five centres for industrial architecture planning during the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) (VEB Combined forces for Construction and Installation South, Centre for Industrial Projects, Dresden). Since 1964 the centre was under the control of the GDR state secretary for construction. The state combine was designed to secure important investments by the industry as the main initiator for constructions in the regions of Leipzig and Karl-Marx-Stadt (Chemnitz). The Glass factory in Torgau, the centre for the fair in Brühl or open-cast mining in Leipzig had been planned there. In those days more than 300 persons had been working in Tannenstrasse 2. There was a restaurant for all staff members, a gatekeeper and a huge parking lot for bicycles. When GDR ended in 1990 the centre was transformed into Centre for construction and Installation AG Leipzig. The building Tannerstrasse 2 was handed over to the Treuhand. Finally in 1991 the Bavarian Hörmann Holding purchased it. It was converted into the beginnings of DAI-Plan (Dresden office centre for architecture and engineering). With the decrease of DAI Plan projects, the different offices shrank in size and some of the office units were handed over to other types of business. Today the building is rented out to different users, each office applying 10 to 30 people.